Second runner up in The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 are….

Top five in The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 received about amazingly 91 % of all the votes this year.

The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 - Number 3

As always in The LGBTQ Music Vote, we can see again – it’s not enough that the artists has lot of following or fans – the artists needs to engage their fans, so their fans will go an cast their vote on the nominated song.

Second runner up …

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The third place taker of The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 is Brandon Stansell with his Spare Change. He took 15 % of the votes.

Spare Change are catchy and uplifting tune that will change a bad day to a great day. Take a listen and open your music heart to Brandon Stansell’s world of music.

When he was little boy, all he ever wanted to do was sing. He used to go out to the backyard and sing for his mom’s chickens.

Congratulation Brandon Stansell. You kicked 13 nominees to curve of 15 nominees – that is not bad either. I’m looking forward to hear more from your world of music. I’ll be listening.

Brandon Stansell // Spare Change

The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 // Result

(The result will only show after the winner has been revealed)