Three Divinely Gay 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Suggestions

The holidays are just around the corner, so here are a few unique gifts to consider for your gay holiday gift guide.

Christmas 2017
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Gifts include the “The Box” book of nudes by photographer and Fashion Institute of Technology professor Ron Amato, the Play Zone Kit of 9 cockrings stacked on a cute AF mini-traffic cone, and the “KINKSTER” t-shirt, from the merch and media company, Kinkster Brands NYC.

The Box by Ron Amato [BOOK]

The Box by Ron Amato
Photo by Ron Amato
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For respected New York photographer Ron Amato, and professor of photography at FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology), thinking inside “The Box” has proven to be very sexy. Focused on themes of isolation, desire, conflict and empowerment, Ron Amato uses a series of boxes to create visual metaphors, echoing his development from adolescence to adulthood through over 100 color, and black and white photographs. All copies are signed.

The Box by Ron Amato $60.00 10″ x 10″ purchase page:

Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand [TOY]

Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand [TOY]
Anyone who’s into cockrings knows, size matters. A lot. Until now, playful men had to make do with a scant handful of cock ring sizes, the effectiveness of which fell sadly somewhere between a pinky ring and a Kabbalah bracelet. Enter the Play Zone kit by the innovative geniuses at Perfect Fit Brand. A collection of nine incrementally sized black soft-touch silicone cockrings, jauntily stacked on a 4” bright orange traffic cone, this ziggurat of schwing insures every man meets his match. Currently the #1 penis ring toy at the Adam & Eve Adult superstore.

Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand $39.95 purchase page


Kinkster NYC is the merchandise arm of Kinkster Brands NYC the multifaceted gay-owned Harlem brand management company which produces the smart and sexy Kinkster MAG, an online publication for urbane gay men with an edge. Check out the website for more t-shirts, and other cleverly branded items such as the Dom/Sub Wool Blend Snapback and Hanky Code pillow.

KINKSTER Mesh Fitted T-Shirt $28.00 purchase page*

*This link automatically will apply the 15% discount to of $50 or more.

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