London Short Film Festival with strong LGBTQ strand this year

London Short Film Festival (LSFF) celebrating its 15th year, LSFF is a vital moment in the UK film calendar, a beacon of inclusive and ground-breaking film-making from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Colours, dir. Peter Lee Scott

LSFF has a strong LGBTQ strand this year which is led by long time LSFF collaborators New Queer Visions.

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The first film programme, New Queer Visions: Don’t Look Back In Anger on Sat 13 Jan, 6pm at Moth Club, is a selection of tales that looks at the nature of hate and positivity, with touching stories about queer characters dealing with ups, downs, and everything in between.

This is accompanied by, New Queer Visions: Medium Rare on Sun 21 Jan, 4:50pm, at ICA, another film programme of medium length shorts exploring the mixed-up mind of an impressionable young man.

This is followed by Radical Softness Through A Haptic Lens: Barbara Hammer & Chick Strand on Sat 13 Jan, 4pm at ICA, which is the retrospective works of Barbara Hammer, a feminist filmmaker and one of the pioneers of lesbian film, and Chick Strand, avant-garde documentary filmmaker. The films examine the idea of ‘radical softness’, the power that can be found in being both abrasively feminine and openly vulnerable, through a soft and kinesthetics style of filmmaking.

Following incredibly rare screenings of Superdyke and Soft Fictions, there will be a Skype Q&A with the legendary Barbara Hammer.

Also in association with MUBI is Cruelty and Crime: Chris Kraus on Thurs 18 Jan, 8:30pm at ICA, a showcase of the key works of American writer Chris Kraus; from feminist readings of Antonin Artaud to Cold War sleeper agents, via dominatrices and New York City crime scenes.

Another additional LGBTQ highlight will be 2007’s Tearoom, a reworked and re-presented collection of 1962 police footage documenting men cruising in a public toilet by William E Jones as a separate work. Prior to the screening LSFF will also be showcasing Robert Yang’s game The Tearoom, a cruising simulation made in direct response to the film. This will take place on Sun 21 Jan, 1pm at ICA.

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Photo Colours, dir. Peter Lee Scott