Make The Yuletide Gay 2: The Novel

The sequel to Make The Yuletide Gay is finally here - and you are cordially invited to the wedding of Olaf "Gunn" Gunnunderson and Nathan Stanford!

Make The Yuletide Gay 2: The Novel
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So many people have written to Guest House Films over the years, wanting to find out what happened to Gunn, Nathan, and their families after the events of the hit Christmas comedy movie, and now, everyone can find out in the all-new Make The Yuletide Gay 2: The Novel!

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Several years have passed since the fateful Christmas dinner when Gunn came out to his parents, Sven and Anya Gunnunderson. Same-sex marriage is legal, and Gunn and Nathan are planning a Christmas wedding! After years of maintaining a long-distance relationship due to Nathan’s television career and Gunn’s graduate education, they’re finally in the same city, with Gunn enjoying his Associate Professor position at the same college where his father teaches.

Unfortunately, not everything is going as planned. Anya isn’t speaking to Sven; Nathan’s father, Peter, isn’t coming to the ceremony; Abby is racing against the clock to make it back in time; and all of that is complicating Heather’s role as the wedding planner.

But the biggest surprise comes courtesy of Nathan’s mother, who shows up with her new assistant – who turns out to be Nathan’s high-school crush, Tony Sambuco. With no place to stay, he crashes in Gunn and Nathan’s guest room, but does he still have feelings for Nathan?

As the wedding date draws near, all the secrets are revealed. Will they keep Gunn and Nathan from reaching the altar?

As part of the Kickstarter Make 100 project, Guest House Films are making just 100 limited-edition paperbacks of Make The Yuletide Gay 2: The Novel available exclusively through this campaign, with a unique cover. Guest House Films also have mass-market paperbacks available, with a white cover that matches the mass-market paperback of the first novel (which includes a special epilogue that sets up the events of the sequel).

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