Reigen - Rollin

LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 nominee, Reigen has just released a music video for his song Rollin.

Reigen - Rollin

Reigen is known as the Brooklyn based singer-songwriter and producer who creates hook-laden, heart driven synth pop.

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He previous said :

I want to take you to far off places, touch your heart and make you dance for your life.


Reigen are certainly living up to the promise mention above. He always takes it to a new level, if it’s his own songs or it’s a cover doesn’t matter. Please enjoy another piece of beautiful music below.

He makes beautiful, more beautiful.

ephram st. cloud

Rollin – Reigen 

Reigen‘s Rollin has been added to our official Spotify Playlist – follow it so you are not missing out on great tunes.