Alex Palmieri – Time Resetted

Alex Palmieri returns after 3 years from his last album, Uncensored, in collaboration with Believe Digital, with a new collection of unpublished tracks.

Alex Palmieri
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His second album are called Reset, and his new singe has been available for digital download since January 12, 2018, on his twenty-seventh birthday.

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Reset has been anticipated by the single “But Nobody Knows“, a cooperation between Italy and California in the U.S with the producer Johann Bach.

In fact, in just a few hours the album Reset reached the number 3 position of Italian iTunes pop chart in January – beating big names in Italian music and not like Jovanotti, Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran.

The new album includes 7 new unpublished (and two bonus tracks) produced between these countries ; Italy, California, Sweden, Ukraine.

Among the producers one the album are Jandy Prudnikov (producer of Monster Boy, Online, Nicholas Got a Secret) and Tim Bergholm (Wasted, Maniac, Popstar) and the first all-Italian collaboration with Livio Boccioni and Alessandro Zitelli – co-authors of his new single, “Time Resetted”.

Alex confesses to :  “I keep growing, my music does it with me,” when he talks about his new record and adds “and sometimes it doesn’t mean looking for the sounds and the latest songs but simply being consistent with oneself.

In Reset, I chose to produce songs that now more than before I’m ready to publish, without caring completely about what people will think, Alex tells us. And he adds : I chose to write about things that I want to listen to, on my iPod and be proud of it.

Until the next song I decided to extract says Alex, Time Resetted, a piece in full electro dance styled song, that has always distinguished my musical career and in which I tell of the time we waste in situations that damage us”.

Alex are already now laying plans for his European summer tour, that will start from Gran Canaria at the MasPalomas Pride.

Take a listen to Alex Palmieri’s catch tune below.

Alex Palmieri – Time Resetted

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