Mendez – Everyday

Is Mendez third time in Swedish Melodifestivalen the charm ?


Mendez known for his hit song Razor Tongue, are back for the third time in Melodifestivalen. He came to the finals via the Second Chance and tomorrow he is competing to get the chance to represent Sweden in Eurovision in Portugal in May.

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In the introductions video in semi-final 3 where he got the ticket to the Second Chance, he tells that he moved with his family back to Chile for 10 years ago. He is telling proudly about one of his sons moving back to Sweden a year ago. My son is gay and are born with a great soul, but sadly not everyone in Chile looks at LGBTQ people the same way I do.

Tomorrow night we are cheering on Mendez, in the final of Melodifestivalen 2018.

I reached out to his record company Universal Music Sweden – the only response was sadly : we have forwarded your message. Sad that his record company handling international press so badly.

Mendez // Everyday

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