Rainbow Laces tie us all together

Employees at Bury Council are using Stonewall Rainbow Laces to promote equality and inclusion for all groups in the workplace.

Rainbow Laces Bury
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Anyone who wears work boots – from parks staff to refuse collectors, highways and street cleaning workers – are being given the option of wearing the multi-coloured laces.

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The initiative takes place in the run-up to the second Bury Pride event, which takes place on Saturday 7 April.

Stonewall Rainbow Laces were first used in a national campaign last year for people to show their support for LGBTQ issues in the world of sport.

Councillor Rishi Shori, leader of Bury Council, said: “We are strongly committed to equality and diversity in the workplace. Times have changed, and offensive language and so-called banter towards not just LGBTQ but disabled and minority ethnic staff is no longer acceptable. That applies whether you work in an office or on the bins, and the Rainbow Laces campaign is a fun way of allowing people to show their support for this message.”

For more information about Rainbow Laces, go to www.stonewall.org.uk

More about Bury Pride can you find in this article.

Picture: Council staff wearing their new Rainbow Laces, flanked by interim chief executive Pat Jones-Greenhalgh and council leader Rishi Shori.

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