Grindr data release of people’s HIV status

Statement from Peter Tatchell Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation.

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“Allowing private companies access to the HIV status of Grindr customers is as shocking as it gets and can only add to the anxieties experienced by gay and bisexual men with HIV.

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“This is the second data scandal involving Grindr in a week and its users will not be reassured by this latest development.

“There are still 72 countries in the world that criminalise homosexuality and even more have governments that actively persecute LGBTQ+ people. Security breaches could be exploited to make arrests and by homophobic vigilantes to make violent attacks.

“Grindr and similar app providers must urgently audit their data security measures, come clean about any issues and fix them immediately.

Data protection is the new frontier in the battle for human rights. Software companies that cater for LGBTQ+ people arguably have a special responsibility, given the potentially risky countries that many of their users live in.”

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