Ryan Cassata – «Daughter»

Ryan Cassata catchy tune are based on his own story and entered on 24th place on Gay Music Chart for week 16.

Ryan Cassata
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I got Ryan Cassata to tell me, what the song and music video of his hit song «Daughter» and here is what he answered :

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“The music video is transgender themed. It tells the story about my dads refusal to accept me as his son (putting me in conversion therapy, refusing to call me “he”) and then his transition of how he began to accept me.

It’s emotional and uplifting and has a strong message of hope. I’ve already heard from so many members of the community that this song has helped them so much.

People are coming out to their parents after seeing the video, telling me that they finally have the words and the courage to do so. People are also reconnecting with their parents after years of being estranged.”

And here are some quotes from the actors Ryan’s music video.

“Ryan’s expression of the transformation that is transition is nothing short of a masterpiece. His courageous depiction of what many of us feel deep down is so powerfully moving it brings me to tears every time. As an actor and musician, who also happens to be a trans man, I’m heartened and inspired by Ryan’s bold sincerity. I am honoured to be a part of his momentous brilliance.” – X, Trans Lead Actor, Son of Greg

“Being the proud father of a trans man, Ryan’s song, to me, symbolises love, family, and a father’s realisation that love has no boundaries. Most parents do not realise or take the time to understand that it is every child’s dream to be loved truly unconditionally by their parents, or the disgraceful dishonour they do their children by raising them without it. This song sends a vital message to all parents to not shatter that dream. It reminds parents that as our children grow, change, and transform into themselves, they will always be ours. Therefore, it is our duty to love and guide them, never to judge.” – Greg, Lead Actor, Father of X.

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Ryan Cassata // «Daughter»

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Photo by Maxine Bowen / TomboyX

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