Eli Lieb – «The Nights We Lived»

Eli Lieb has released the music video for «The Nights We Lived» from his new album with the same name that was release in end of April this year.

Eli Lieb - The Nights We Lived
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Eli Lieb are once again shared a new beautiful song with us all. It’s like he has a vault of beautiful songs and he is pulling them up in a right moment and sharing with the world.

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Eli says this song and music video are very special to him. He states that it is by far the most intimate thing he have ever released.

The footage are from his own home, the footage are taken over the past 15 years, which really highlights the spanning nature of the song.

Eli says : I’m happy to open myself up even more to you like this in hopes that it makes you that much more open to yourself and everyone around you!

He continues : Life is here to enjoy and be happy, even through the bad times. Sometimes the bad times are the exact tools you need to propel you closer to your true self and true happiness.

Eli Lieb // «The Nights We Lived»

Eli Lieb’s «The Nights We Lived» has been added to our official Spotify Playlist – follow it so you are not missing out on great tunes like this one.

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