Marit’s dads wasn’t aware that they were sitting with Niall Horan

Few days ago Niall Horan (formerly of One Direction) tweeted about new parents leaving an apology note on a long flight.

Niall Horan Tweets about gay dads
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Thursday we published this story : Two dads gave out goody bags on 10-hour flight with their new baby. Now we have more information about the new family.

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One of fathers to Marit, Andreas Husby, was born and raised in Trondheim in Norway, but since he was eleven he has lived in Denmark, where he now lives with Rasmus Søndergaard, the Norwegian Newspaper reports.

Andreas says he didn’t realise who Niall Horan was when he sat down in the plane with them.

I thought I had seen him before somewhere, but as the plane had a departure from Los Angeles, I thought he was probably an actor that I had seen in a smaller film role once. It was only when we landed in Denmark, and a friend of mine sent me a picture of the tweet he had posted that I realised who had been with us.

Photo by Niall Horan / Twitter

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