«Shirtless Violinist» do «Perfect», but wasn’t he already «Perfect» ?

If you ever have dreamt about having the «Shirtless Violinist» playing his violin in your bedroom ? This is the closest you probably will get to that dream. 

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«Shirtless Violinist» are always perfect and humble guy with a perfect boyfriend, Paul Castle. Now he has released a new video called Perfect Gay Love Story – playing Ed Sheeran‘s «Perfect».

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So if you ever have dreamt about waking up to «Shirtless Violinist» playing a beautiful song live in your bedroom – this is it – the most likely closest you’ll ever come to that dream. Best of all, you can play the video over and over again or you can buy the tune and make it your wake up tune from now on.

Love isn’t perfect and neither are we! But maybe that’s the «perfect» combination.

«Shirtless Violinist»

«Perfect» // «Shirtless Violinist» // Ed Sheeran

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