A nod to the wonderful diversity of languages in theatre

In a New Zealand first, Rangmanch - an Auckland based community theatre group is bringing an International theatre festival that backs plays in languages other than English to the city from July 7 until 27 August.

International Theatre festival 2018
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Plays in German, Chinese, Spanish and French as well as plays in 4 South Asian languages – Hindi, Bengalee, Marathi and Gujarati will be centre-stage.

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«There is an appetite and space for diverse offerings in the performance space. Our plays in Indian languages have been consistently well received by people over ten years, and the idea of watching plays in different international languages has appealed to the community», says Pavitra Roy, President of Rangmanch of NZ Inc.

«Performance can break the barriers of language, really, and this is an opportunity for niche groups to shine, build capacity. We’re looking forward to bringing communities together».

Literature in other languages is rich, and often has a long history. Arguably, knowing another language, other than English, is considered a linguistic, cultural and intellectual heritage by many. This is a timely offering in the context of the growing diversity in New Zealand.

The full programme will be on the group’s facebook page and website in due course.

Book tickets from here on the TAPAC’s website.

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