Dekkoo Options 3rd Season of «I’m Fine», the global streaming media service catering to gay and queer men, has optioned a third season of their fourth original series «I'm Fine». New episodes of the dramedy will be shot September for release on Dekkoo in early 2019.

I'm Fine

Set in West Hollywood, «I’m Fine» is the story of neurotic, self-absorbed Nate, who broke up with his boyfriend Joey, has fallen out with his best friend (Jeff), and is surrounded by somewhat happier friends (Andy, Brian, Nicole). But, if asked he’ll tell you, after an exasperated eye-roll, «I’m totally fine!»

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The series examines darker, interior lives of a group of gay friends living in this otherwise sunny neighborhood and touches on subjects from Grindr to sex parties, to family and depression, while taking a fresh, honest, and humorous look at gay male relationships and friendship, and the often-blurry line between the two.

Season 2 addressed anti-Asian racism, as faced by Asian-America actor Lee Doud («Jeff») in a blind date scene in episode 5. (Doud subsequently wrote a commentary on race for

Dekkoo calls «I’m Fine» their first take-it-with-you «pocket series» as seasons of the series consists of eight short episodes, each clocking in at around 11 minutes in length. New viewers can anticipate the third season with an easy binge of «I’m Fine» seasons 1 and 2 at