Denmark deports Syrian parents : beating daughter because of «lesbian tendencies»

The daughter of a Syrian married couple in Denmark was exposed to violence and threats because she had «lesbian tendencies».

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A Syrian married couple has been deported from Denmark, because they have maltreated their daughter because she brought shame on the family. The girl was rid by her father while she arms were tied with strips, and the mother threatened her daughter with a knife while she said she would either kill the girl or herself because she brought shame on the family.

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Subsequently, they forced the daughter to blot her abdomen so that they could examine if she was still a virgin.

Cause? They believed that the daughter had «lesbian tendencies», Danish LGBTQ news outlet reports.

The girl’s father was sentenced on Monday for a year in prison, and the mother has been given nine months in prison. Once the prison sentence has been completed, they are deported from Denmark.

Few days after the violent punishment, the girl was forced to marry a man from the pizzeria where she worked. However, the marriage was terminated by an imam few days later according to

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