Nearly 1 million people expected to take part in «Pride in London» tomorrow !

This year, «Pride in London» 2018 will take place tomorrow, 7th of July - but are all these people Londoners ?

Pride In London
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Starting at Portland Place in North Central London, the parade is expected to make its way southwards towards Whitehall, thrilling the crowds along the route with flamboyant floats and electrifying energy! Fierce entertainment will be provided by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Sinitta and over 100 other performers strutting their stuff on the four stages that will be set up around Trafalgar Square.

Not only Londoners celebrate «Pride in London» 2018

With nearly 1 million people expected to take part in the celebrations this year, visitors from all over the UK will flock to London for the event. Our friends at GoEuro looked at their internal data and saw that from their top ten domestic ‘starting points’, a quarter of GoEuro bookings going to London this Pride weekend originate in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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Other major UK cities which have seen bookings to London in time for Pride weekend are Manchester with a total of 9%, Liverpool with 5% and Birmingham with 3% showing that domestic LGBTQ celebrations are a big attraction for UK residents all over the country.

City Percentage of bookings made to London
Edinburgh 19%
Manchester 9%
Glasgow 6%
Liverpool 5%
Birmingham 3%
Leeds 3%
Leichester 2%
Oxford 2%
Bristol 1.5%
Cardiff 1.5%


Not only Brits celebrate «Pride in London» 2018

However GoEuro found out, it’s not just people in the UK who are interested in attending «Pride in London» 2018.

From GoEuro top ten international ‘starting points’, they found that 40% of bookings to London are from France, while 15% are from the Netherlands and 11% are from Germany and Belgium, respectively.

The conclusion is, there’s no doubt that this year’s Pride festival will be a melting pot of cultures and an event not to be missed.

Countries Percentage of bookings made to London
France 41%
The Netherlands 16%
Belgium 12%
Germany 11%
Spain 6%
Italy 4%
Portugal 2%
Ireland 2%
Switzerland 1.5%
Czech Republic 1%

All data in this post are provided by our friends at GoEuro.

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