Simon Michael – «Love Her Like Honey»

I want to introduce you to Simon Michael, a talented 23-year-old artist, music producer and song writer from Stockholm.

Simon Michael
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Since he was 15 one day hasn’t gone by when he’s not been playing the piano, writing or singing songs. He is now working on a new project, an upcoming album where we get to hear Simon’s sensual and passionate and honest sound. First up – is the new single «Love Her Like Honey» – just release few days ago.

Simon Michael
Simon Michael
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He discovered his love for music as a 7-year-old. That’s when he started performing and creating music. He’s a natural, a born star and he touches the audience deeply. It’s like he truly means every word he sings and write. His voice is both sweet and
sexy, the man knows how to sing.

Simon himself describes his music as «ambient millennium pop with attitude». We get to hear that in this new single, also Influences from R&B, modern Soul, beautiful strings and as mentioned earlier – Simons sensual sound. This first single is as preview of what’s to come. Three more singles coming up and then the album. He is a young hard worker!

He does not only work with music, he is also very engaged in projects for a better environment and actively works for a better earth, and he works for keeping our planets precious water.

Simon also runs a label in the U.S – HOLLYWOODV. The label has received a lot of attention for its success and the donations they have given to projects and organisations who works for a healthier planet, our environment.

Simon is not just a charming, handsome guy who’s very popular among the female and male fans (of course) – he is warm, humble, sensitive and intelligent and he can charm anyone with his happy personality.

He made it to the finals in Swedish Idol 2016, Swedens biggest radio competition «P4 Nästa» he also went to the finals and in 2017 he won «I am Music» with his previous single «U Get Me High».

He was earlier a member of the band «Rörelsen» – with the Swedish hit «Sexleksak» which came up to 4 million streams on Spotify, and the music video reached 400k views.

But now – We get to hear Simon Michael – The first single from the upcoming album. Pop meets RnB and it’s a song which is indeed smooth like honey.

Simon Michael‘s «Love Her Like Honey» has been added to our official Spotify Playlist – follow it so you are not missing out on great tunes like this one.

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