Our deepest desires can be our darkest

Tom is a troubled, lonely young man with a penchant for breaking and entering.

The Year I Lost My Mind
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In the midst of a burglary one day he spots Lars, a young history lecturer, and promptly becomes obsessed with him. Secretly observing Lars, and tracking his every movement without detection quickly becomes a daily pursuit.

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And then there’s the mysterious motorcyclist he keeps running in to- soon the subject of a second obsession.

More and more Tom gets further lost in his these of passionate fixations, until it’s all he can focus on. But when Lars discovers Tom’s dangerous game, things take a turn no one expects.

«The Year I Lost My Mind» // trailer

«The Year I Lost My Mind» // details

Actors: Alexander Tsypilev, Julien Lickert, Patrick G. Boll
Directors: Tor Iben
Classification (UK): 15
Studio: TLA Releasing
DVD Release Date: 27 Aug. 2018
VOD Release Date: 27 Aug. 2018
Run Time: 85 minutes
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