This category is all about books that are of interest for the LGBT community, their family and friends.

A Practical Guide to Transforming Professional Practice.
Elton Justice is “just an ordinary guy” from Scotland, who moved his life from London to a Southeast Asian territory for work and a new life.
Matthew Todd revealed what the historic meeting with Prince William was like, as 9 LGBTI people spoke to the Prince about their stories.
In Wilson’s latest instalment, LD is struggling with being raised in a poverty stricken urban community, by a single mother who is uneducated, government aid dependent, and addicted to drugs; all while he is attempting to figure out his sexual orientation and his unwavering attraction to members of the same sex.
Powerful memoir shares author’s struggle battling with homosexuality, religious beliefs and shame.
Prisca Christina Yue introduces sensitive, timely topic in latest juvenile fiction tale ‘ The Lesbian ’.
A Russian publisher charged with translating a U.S fantasy novel has admitted removing a plot involving a gay romance.
Children’s book, " I Am Jazz " , by transgender teen advocate Jazz Jennings increases understanding and emphasises the importance of compassion.
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, today mourns the passing of Maya Angelou, trailblazing American author, poet and advocate for justice.
Lonely Planet's Guide to Pride, a free digital guide to LGBT Pride celebrations in 20 cities around the world, is now available exclusively on iBooks.
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