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This category is all about celebrities in all shape and forms, even straight ones that the LGBT community love’s and sometimes hate, but always with a LGBT twist.

It must be the season for video leaks - this time around it's The Wanted's Max George that has played with him self in front of a camera.
Chris Mears, Mr. Valentine 2017 nominee, has been caught naked in a new video leak...
Model Charlie Matthew might be giving those top model boys a run for their money with these pics of him after he entered the famous NSFW list!
In Entourage Adrian Grenier plays the character Vincent Chase and now he is alleged caught webcam wanking.
Justin Bieber done it again and stripped down to nothing during his vacation with his girlfriend Sahara Ray in Hawaii!
The Only Way Is Essex star Mario Falcone has done the same error as many other stars has done before him (why do they not ever learn...) taken a nude selfie.
You may or may not remember the once-popular pop band S Club 7, with Jon Lee as the lead singer, with popular hits like Bring it All Back, S Club Party, and Two In a Million, right?
New sexy hot footballer has got his NSFW nude pictures leaked
British Formula One race driver and hottie Lewis Hamilton has taken a selfie...
British heartthrob, model and actor Zander Hodgson are showing off his big bulge on Instagram.
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