Tom is a troubled, lonely young man with a penchant for breaking and entering.
My Life With James Dean - A toast to all lovers of cinema.
Two young men spend the night together after meeting the previous evening in a notorious gay club.
It's 1975 and when the winds of change are blowing over post-revolutionary Portugal.
The Hollywood film industry has been criticised for a drop in the number of LGBTQ characters in film in 2017.
Both Abel (Nelson Rodriguez), who works in social services, and Diego (Andrew Saenz), an auto mechanic, have waited a long time for the love they have yearned for.
Pepijn and George s steady, seven-year relationship is shaken up after they allow a hot young student named Cas to sleep on their couch whilst he finds a place of his own.
Based on the successful web series, 'Coffeehouse Chronicles- The Movie' covers two days and one night of love, hookups, heartbreaks, and hopes in queer LA.
To celebrate the start of summer, handsome 17-year-old Miku throws a wild party at his parents house, which turns destructive quickly.
When Diego left Brazil for California to attend a film school, he didn't just leave his home town, he also left Matheus - a handsome young man with whom he was madly in love.
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