"I might be gay. But I am not a foggot. Got it?" With these words, Peter defends himself towards his class mate Chris. This guy is already tipsy and calls Peter a "faggot" which leads to unexpected consequences.
Guest House Films has launched a new Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to help bring to life the much-anticipated sequel to the company's 2009 smash hit gay Christmas comedy, Make the Yuletide Gay, in response to growing fan requests.
An independent documentary film maker conducts an interview with former porn star Kayden Daydream, who now lives in a run down bedsit struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues.
An erotic psychological thriller, a tense drama, and, without question, a delicious guilty pleasure, Steel hits all the right buttons - hard.
A quirky, erotic drama "Angels With Tethered Wings" is the the sexiest, sweetest back from the grave revenge film you've ever seen!
A hot three-way love story that's fresh, engrossing and sumptuously shot- freshman soccer player Szabi (András Süt ) has moved from Hungary to Germany to become a professional athlete.
Who's up for a sensual, seductive trip with some of the hottest Latin men that have ever graced the Silver Screen? Mexican Men might be the thing for you.
At an International swim meet in St. Petersburg, young Italian swimmer (Massimo) catches the eye of a Russian reporter (Vladmir).
Can you split your heart in two? can you be in love of two people at the same time? what are the consequences?
“The German”, the chilling 2011 horror/suspense novel by Lee Thomas, a Bram Stoker and two-time Lambda Literary Award winner, is about to become a feature film. While "The German" was set in post WWII small town America, the film incarnation is about a Syrian and takes place in present day, Trump era U.S.A.-U.S.A.-U.S.A.
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