When Diego left Brazil for California to attend a film school, he didn't just leave his home town, he also left Matheus - a handsome young man with whom he was madly in love.
Tom of Finland - the movie are searching for men 19-35 years of age "to various roles, including challenging performance" with outdoor shooting in Forssa, Finland.
Thrown out of his home by his dysfunctional mother, Brad (Ephraim Sykes) steals her car and travels into Los Angeles where, through a chance encounter, he stumbles into a noisy raucous, chaotic event and meets the ragtag members of the House of Eminence.
Gay rights activists have emerged from the shadows since the revolution in 2011, but their position remains precarious.
Titanic is back, digitally upgraded with new 3D motion feel technology, with super 3D - so much better than ordinary 3D version....Not seen in cinemas... Enjoy....
An LGBT advocacy organisation has called for a boycott of the upcoming gay rights historical drama Stonewall for featuring a fictional young, white male as its protagonist.
Authorities in Qatar have banned local cinemas from screening ' The Danish Girl ', a film about a transgender Danish artist.
London Short Film Festival (LSFF) celebrating its 15th year, LSFF is a vital moment in the UK film calendar, a beacon of inclusive and ground-breaking film-making from a diverse range of backgrounds.
You Can't Escape Lithuania are coming to DVD and VOD on July 10.
Justin Timberlake has released a brand new video for his new song Can't Stop The Feeling featured in DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox's upcoming film TROLLS!
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