Yehonathan's "Just Another Summer" video reached no. 4 on MTV/Logo chart last Friday! So if you haven't seen it yet, we got it covered!
Unsigned musician Tom Goss with a great song called 'Till the end'.
First music video from the new album "Under the covers".
First single and video from the forthcoming album.
E.M.D's Youngblood music video. Is this E.M.D's new number one hit ?
Britney Spears music video - If U Seek Amy.
Listen to Thriving Ivory’s self-titled debut to hear the indelible sound of timeless rock for modern day music lovers. Listen to their hit song Angels on the Moon.
Jonathan Fagerlund is a Swedish singer. He was a member of "Streetwize", an international boyband based in UK and Ireland.  Jonathan took part in the Melodifestivalen in March of 2009 with this song "Welcome to My Life".
Katy Perry sings about a girl, Cobra Starships Gabe Saporta sings about a boy that he kissed..... 
He didn't make it in Melodifestivalen, but still I can smell a number one hit for Mr. Zelmerlöw. Some says that acoustic version is better than the orginal.... You can decide for your self. 
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