Back in 2014, Norwegian TV2 aired a series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and 2 years has gone since then and now in Season 2 they are going back to see how the participants are doing now.
I realised that I was born in the wrong body when I saw a documentary about girls and boys who also was born in the wrong body.
Julie Andem the woman behind NRK's international success, "SKAM" has said yes to to direct and develop the American version of the series.
After two years, there will be two brand new episodes, entirely produced by the fans.
On Good Friday it was the time to kick start a new season of SKAM and Sana is the person in focus for the Season 4 and final season.
Merlí a TV series created by Héctor Lozano, that tells the story about a high school philosophy teacher, Merlí and about the students of his class, including his own closeted son Bruno (David Solans).
The famous television producer Simon Fuller has bought the rights of NRK series "SKAM." The American version could come as early as 2017.
Norwegian-American's compete to have a chance to meet Norwegian relatives they didn’t even knew existed.
Nordic Canal Digital has just released a new commercial 'Canal Digital feirer kjærlighet" / "Canal Digital celebrates love" to take advantage of the LGBTQ community.
Tonight was the final of Alt for Norge aired and the winner of reality tv show Alt for Norge was revealed.
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