Not one, but five deleted Glee Scene from pilot episode.
"The Insider" confirms Zac Efron is hanging out with the boys of "Entourage." Great News right !
It's 1997. Thirteen-year-old Simon and his best friend Kyle can't open a fridge door without belting out a show tune. And his family is even more eccentric. Simon's Mom, Debbie, is a whirlwind of matriarchal warmth in killer heels.
Paris is going for round 2 of her BFF hunt, and this time she's putting 14 new contestants through the most challenging friendship tests yet. This season one guy is one of the contestants.
Here are all the winners from the MTV Movie Awards 2009 last night.
McDreamy list member Zac Efron are going to be presenting an award.
EastEnders is to tackle a storyline which will feature a Muslim man embarking upon a gay affair.
We meant no offence, Norway says Heidi Stephens and the Guardian.
Heidi Stephens blogs for the Guardian called the Eurosong-winner song crap. Irish radio host for Blast FM David O'Keeffe is no better he said :  I need to puke on air according to Norwegian newspaper VG.
Campaigners including Brit Peter Tatchell were arrested by riot police before the camp showpiece final in Moscow, the Daily Star reports.
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