The Sacramento LGBT Community Center is on high alert after receiving two letters containing death threats and homophobic language Wednesday.
Winner of the Award of Merit at indieFEST Film Awards and Best Political Documentary at Atlanta Docufest, The Unamerican Struggle documentary is the first examination of the rise in hate crimes and bigoted rhetoric since the election of Donald J. Trump.
Omar Delgado realised he wanted to become a police officer after moving from Chicago to Central Florida, where he met and tagged along with a Seminole County deputy who soon became a close friend.
A motorist has been arrested after allegedly driving into a group of transgender women who were protesting over the police shooting of one of their friends.
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund joins millions of advocates across the world in honouring the 49 precious souls taken in a heinous act of violence one year ago today at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.
Almost one year ago, a gunman who pledged himself to ISIS showered bullets in an Orlando nightclub and carried out the most deadly shooting in U.S modern history.
A transgender woman was found shot to death on a Madison County road on Wednesday.
A Los Angeles area home was ransacked and anti-gay slurs were spray-painted on the walls Tuesday evening.
Signs with homophobic slurs and one calling Adam Crosby a drama queen have been put up next to his driveway.
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse is no stranger to letters criticising his way of doing things. Add to that tweets, Facebook messages, and phone calls to his office giving feedback — both positive and negative — on his job as an elected official.
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