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Adrian Coman and Clai Hamilton finally have a chance to celebrate. The same-sex couple married in Belgium in 2010, but decided they wanted to live in Adrian’s native Romania (Clai is American).
In a ground-breaking judgement, today the Court of Justice of the European Union recognised freedom of movement for same-sex couples.
In a landmark decision, issued this morning, the Court of Justice of the European Union has defined the term ‘spouse’ for the purposes of freedom of movement for the first time.
Members of radical nationalist groups violently disrupted a May 10, 2018 discussion in Kyiv about LGBTI rights, Human Rights Watch said today. Despite the intruders’ aggressive behaviour and threats of violence, the Kyiv police did not remove them from the event or the premises, and the owner of the site canceled the event.
The 2018 Rainbow Europe package, launched by ILGA-Europe today, provides real evidence that progress on LGBTI equality law and policy is slowing down in Europe.
TrustLaw, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono service and IGLYO, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Queer & Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth & Student Organisation launch, ‘Expression Abridged: Legal Analysis of Anti-LGBTQ Propaganda Laws’ today.
In March 2018, the Latvian Parliament dismissed a petition for introduction of partnership legislation which would recognise all unmarried couples, including same-sex couples. This is the second time the Saeima rejected such an initiative.
Today the European Parliament adopted its Annual report on the situation of fundamental rights in the EU.
The 99-year-old German activist Wolfgang Lauinger, imprisoned in both Nazi Germany and post-war West Germany, has died.
Romania decriminalised homosexuality in 2001. Today it is witnessing a backlash against LGBTQ rights, supported by U.S Christian conservatives.
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