Today it's 10 year anniversary since Aeryn M. J. Gillern went missing and are still missing - his mother and brother are waiting for answers.
Night to Sunday, whole Europe are changing time to winter time.
Serbian politicians have elected a lesbian as the country’s first female prime minister, making history in the predominantly conservative Balkan country.
Serbian authorities on Friday banned a video produced by the presidential campaign of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic for featuring a homophobic slur.
A village in Hungary has banned Muslim dress, the call to prayer and and “homosexual propaganda”, BBC reports.
ILGA-Europe are extremely disappointed to see that the oft-cited need for a more open, equal and principled European Union appears to be taking a back seat to political games.
The travel site GayCities this week announced the winners of its 2016 Best of Gay Cities guide, naming Berlin as the top place to be LGBT and single.
Pope Francis says gays — and all the other people the church has marginalised, such as the poor and the exploited — deserve an apology.
Appeals board ruled it was safe to return the man to Turkey because his claims were ‘unreliable’ and he had lived in Istanbul for several years.
In a report adopted Thursday, the European Parliament expresses its concern over online homo- and transphobic hate speech, and calls for strong measures to counter online hate speech.
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