The Greek parliament has voted to approve legislation on legal gender recognition in a plenary vote today (10 October 2017).
Diabetes mellitus risk factors were elevated for the transgender population, even when under the care of a multidisciplinary team, researchers reported here.
Malta has made huge legal strides in recognising a person’s true gender, but there is no health and education system to support transgender people, Bruno Zahra tells Sarah Carabott.
ILGA-Europe welcome Belgium’s decision to put an end to the sterilisation requirements and the mental health diagnosis previously required in order to have access to legal gender recognition.
Last week, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that requiring trans people to undergo sterilisation in order to have their gender recognised, violates human rights.
Today the European Court of Human Rights ruled that requiring sterilisation of individuals seeking a change in their legal gender recognition violates human rights.
The French parliament has voted to introduce a legal gender recognition procedure that is free from sterilisation and medicalisation. The National Assembly met in a plenary session on Wednesday 12 October to debate and vote on the 21st century justice law (La loi sur la justice au XX1eme siècle), which included provisions relating to legal gender recognition.
The Members of the French Parliament should ensure that trans people in France can obtain legal recognition of their gender through a quick, accessible, transparent and affordable procedure that fully respects their human rights, said Amnesty International, ILGA-Europe and Transgender Europe in a statement today. 
Last Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a report urging the Commission and Member States to outlaw discrimination against transgender people in employment and work towards full integration of trans people at the work floor.
Poland’s Gender Accordance Act will not come into force, following the unexpected failure of a parliamentary committee to prepare a report required in advance of today’s planned vote (Friday, 9 October).
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