The European Union should follow Malta. The small island country is now leading the European Union in banning harmful gay conversion therapy.
Coming Out Campaign, a recently created workgroup against any kind of LGBTTIQphobia has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise 6,500 €. The aim is to publish a book, build a website and start necessary work at educational centres, across all levels starting as early as Primary School, and in the community to eradicate bullying or cyberbullying and other violent manifestations.
Last week, the European Parliament agreed that the European Commission and Member States should work together to tackle homophobia and transphobia in education.
As a parent that has suspicions of whether or not their child is lesbian, gay or bisexual, it can be difficult to navigate the best course of action. Edy Nathan MA, LCSW gives 10 do's and don'ts that can help a parent create a safe space to support the child in their life.
The suicide of a gay 14-year-old boy is under investigation as Italian police try to determine if he was bullied or pushed to the point of taking his own life, authorities said Tuesday.
In a public exchange of letters that has touched many Italians, the speaker of the parliament has asked to meet a young gay man who says he feels suicidal in one of Europe’s most homophobic societies.
ILGA-Europe wholeheartedly welcomes today’s resolution by the European Parliament calling to criminalise homophobic and transphobic hate crime and speech across the European Union.
Today ILGA-Europe in association with the Irish EU Presidency hosts the first ever EU level conference addressing homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools. The conference will be opened by Ruairi Quinn, Irish Minister of Education and Skills.
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