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The “Parenting Options for European Gay Men” conference, hosted by the NY based organisation “Men Having Babies”, attracted more than 200 prospective gay fathers from 10 countries, and also garnered intense media attention.
Clinical psychologist Dr Maureen Gaffney has said she was so troubled by how some on the No side in the same-sex marriage referendum campaign were conducting themselves that she had decided to become involved.
Steadfast, committed leadership and visible equality trailblazers are necessary ingredients for advancing LGBTI equality according to the latest Rainbow Europe package, released today (Sunday, 10 May 2015) by ILGA-Europe. Our 2015 Rainbow Map, Annual Review and brand new Rainbow Europe web module all showcase the power that committed leadership to LGBTI rights can wield.
A Catholic Bishop's view that gay couples with children "are not parents" has been described as "a nonsense".
A gay couple say they have had to travel to England to adopt two children due to restrictions in the legal system in Northern Ireland.
If there was a choice between putting a child in a ‘Romanian-style’ orphanage or placing them for adoption with a gay couple in that case it would be preferable to allow the child to be adopted.
RTE stylist Darren Kennedy will be spreading his TV wings this summer after signing up to take part in a new Reality Bites documentary.
Two student at Sligo Institute of Technology who have made an educational video for small children about same-sex parents hope to generate a debate about the rights of non-traditional family units.
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