Foster says she does not define anyone by their sexuality as she becomes first DUP leader to attend a LGBTQ event.
The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, was today urged to «compensate living men who were convicted under discriminatory, anti-gay laws - both before and after 1967 – in instances where their behaviour is now no longer a crime».
If LGBTQ people think their gender identity or sexuality has little to do with what they stand to lose in the Brexit process, a new report from GayStarNews will make worrying reading.
Over 120 LGBTQ+ rights defenders protested today as the Commonwealth heads of government met in London. The protest was backed by gay Olympian Tom Daley.
Today, OutRight Action International published an “International Best Practice Guide to Equality on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.”
Eighty LGBTQ rights defenders protested as Her Majesty the Queen, the UK Prime Minister and Commonwealth High Commissioners celebrated Commonwealth Day 2018 at Westminster Abbey in London, 12 March 2018.
MuLondon is proud to support Stonewall’s campaign for equality for LGBTQ people everywhere.
Virgin Trains has stopped stocking the Daily Mail in its on-board shops or providing it in first-class carriages, saying it has decided the paper is "not compatible" with its brand and beliefs.
First minister Nicola Sturgeon will apologise to gay men convicted of now-abolished sexual offences on behalf of the Scottish government.
60th anniversary of Wolfenden recommending partial decriminalisation.
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