Gay and unmarried couples in Northern Ireland are being denied adoption rights without any consideration of their ability to provide a loving home, the High Court has heard. A judge was told the current law is at odds with the...
British Prime Minister David Cameron is slashing foreign aid to African nations that persecute gays and lesbians. 
High street newsagent WHSmith has denied accusations of homophobia after apparently withdrawing copies of Attitude and Gay Times magazines from display in its Leamington branch.
A rape victim whose attacker confessed on Facebook has revealed her fears that John Ssewaggudde is saying he is gay in order to win asylum.
Redvers Stokes is the schoolboy, aged 12, who is otherwise known as drag queen 'Naughty Nora' to residents of the Cornish village of Sticker, near St Austell.
City bars, venues, punters and a politician have all got behind a campaign to create the first Leeds gay quarter.
Over 50 000 people have boycotted Coca-Cola for the Martine case. Now the soft drink giant responds by boycott the father of a murder and rapist suspect, Shaher Abdulhak.
Martyn Hall and his civil partner, Steven Preddy, were turned away from Peter and Hazelmary Bull's hotel in Cornwall in September 2008. The pair, who are from Bristol, sought up to £5,000 in damages after claiming they had been the victims of sexual discrimination.
Compulsory sex and relationships lessons for 11-year-old children are to include classroom discussions on gay unions and civil partnerships.
A Conservative MP has written to the Home Secretary about a threatened protest in her constituency by an American fundamentalist group.
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