So much is being thrown around about the reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004, and also trans inclusion in such a negative way.
An academic who reportedly compared trans people to parasites during an event held at the British Parliament has been accused by LGBTQ rights advocates of using “fascist” and “dehumanising” language.
French cosmetics giant L'Oreal on Friday confirmed it had dropped a British transgender model over comments the company deemed "at odds with our values," after she was hired as part of a diversity campaign.
Mermaids UK says abusive and threatening messages on social media may stop young people from coming forward for support
Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to vote with the Tories if they introduce new rights for transgender people.
The girl’s mother said she arrived at the school for a meeting over bullying to find her daughter sat 'rocking' after the shooting.
First we do the shooting, then we do the talking.
A man who stabbed a student to death said he was 'sorry' and wanted to be punished.
The UK's highest court has been asked to rule on a transgender person's claim to be entitled to receive the female state pension at the age of 60.
Transgender campaigner and charity worker Janet Scott says that children can't choose their sex because they can't understand at that age. Christian Concern also join Jon and say that how you're born is the end of the gender debate.
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