Donald Trump’s new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has refused to deny that he thinks gay sex is a ‘perversion.’
The City of Philadelphia has declared March 31st Transgender Visibility Day.
John Bolton has officially been appointed as the Trump administration’s new National Security Advisor, and is due to take office on April 9th. Bolton, known as a conservative hardliner, formerly acted as U.S Ambassador to the UN during the Bush administration.
Following in last year’s footsteps, the Trump administration has yet again appointed a known anti-trans activist to its official delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). The CSW is the largest meeting of governments, UN agencies, civil society, and other stakeholders, on progressing women’s rights and gender justice globally.
New research uses a transgender-specific survey to assess the well-being of people who underwent gender reassignment survey.
Taoiseach meets U.S vice-president for private breakfast at Pence’s Washington home.
Varadkar rejects call not to meet Trump and ‘green-wash’ his ‘racist, homophobic’ views.
Yesterday, SchoolHouse Connection, the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness (ICPH), Civic Enterprises and America’s Promise Alliance launched Education Leads Home, a first-of-its-kind national campaign focused exclusively on addressing the needs of the 1.3 million homeless students enrolled in America’s public schools.
Teens who are gay or lesbian but engage in heterosexual sex are at higher risk of a suicide attempt, new research suggests.
An undocumented immigrant who was living in the Philly area and was married to an American is fighting deportation.
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