The upcoming national elections are a dead-serious choice for all gay people who want a job-producing economy that insures middle class affluence and upward mobility. Since Barack Obama’s historic election that promised “Hope and Change,” we have witnessed nightmarish results that create despair and a sense of futility for much of the gay community.
Drawnlines readers have read some harsh words about Rick Scott. During last year's primary election cycle I was - shall we say - decidedly for the other guy. When a good friend told me she was considering supporting Rick Scott, I thought she was kidding. When she said she might work for his campaign, I almost passed out in horror.
For Gay Democrats and zealous Obama supporters a crushing reality break is descending upon them as the President sinks lower and lower in major public opinion polls.
The pathetic performance of President Obama in the debt debate is showing the left how incompetent and weak a leader it selected. Many are wishing they had Hillary Clinton in the White House instead!
The sudden cancellation by the Wilton Manors (Otherwise known as the Gay section of Fort Lauderdale, Florida) Business Association of an appearance by Congressman Allen West is nothing more than the same type of bigotry many in the gay community routinely complain they are the victims of themselves.
Obama has a problem getting to 50 percent of the vote. His approval ratings have hovered in the forties all year (except for the bin Laden spike in May). He gets only 45% of the vote in a match-up with GOP-front-runner Mitt Romney and is under 50% against any Republican challenger except for Sarah Palin.
President Obama's decision to begin to withdraw from Afghanistan reflects a deepening rift between his Administration and his former sycophants on the left. On a score of issues, the liberal community has begun to tire of their president.
If we do not act now, the failure of leadership by President Obama and Democrats in Congress will lead our Medicare system to certain bankruptcy. We can save Medicare for current seniors -- gay and straight -- and make sure it's around for today's young people by supporting Representative Paul Ryan, House Budget Chairman.
Recent reports are a grave warning sign that Washington must act now to prevent the economy from becoming much worse. They make clear the urgency with which the job-killing policies of the last 2.5 years must be replaced by pro-jobs solutions for economic growth.
If serious government spending cuts can’t be made, Republicans must call Democrats’ bluff and be prepared to shut the government down. With our national debt soaring past $14.3 trillion and the deficit at historic highs, conservatives don’t have the option of blinking first in the battle for America’s soul.
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