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A Netherlands district court cited supreme court judgments from India and Nepal when it ruled the Dutch legislature should provide a way for citizens to legally identify as neither male nor female if they prefer.
Nico Lang is a news and politics reporter at INTO, covering LGBTQ issues around the world.
Walking on the path of social reform, Pakistan is to inaugurate country's first ever institute for educational and vocational training for transgender community.
Indonesian police and Sharia (Islamic law) police jointly raided five hair salons owned by transgender women in Aceh province on January 27th.
The pair have been ordered to pay a fine and will be immediately deported, according to officials.
As The Straits Times has reported on July 18th, the Registry of Marriages (“the Registry”) has voided the marriage of a transgender woman and her partner in an unprecedented case in Singapore condemned by OutRight Action International.
LGBTQ organizations in the country applauded the precedent-setting move.
Saudi Arabia should investigate the death of a Pakistani transgender woman at a Riyadh police station following a raid on an event space in late February 2017, Human Rights Watch said today. Saudi authorities should also immediately release five Pakistanis who remain in detention if they are held only on suspicion of committing morality related “offences.”
More than 600 transgender people applied for civil service jobs in Nepal last year, according to a government report released last week. LGBT rights activists hail the announcement as practical progress toward implementing Nepal’s identity-based legal third gender category.
Albina Matyunina was convicted for trying to steal $28 before her transition.
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