A head of the Stockholm Pride organisation was convicted in 2011 for two and a half years in prison for rape against children. On Thursday night, the manager was taken by the board.
The Nordic resistance movement (DNM) is the right-wing group that plans to demonstration under the parole «Crush the gay lobby»/«Knus homolobbyen» in Fredrikstad on July 29th.
Last Friday the Masthugg church i the Swedish City, Gothenburg, raised the rainbow flag for this year's West Pride.
Tuesday last week Suma was attacked when she was sitting and waiting for the subway on the way home from RFSL meeting (Swedens LGBTQ organisation).
After the tragic news about LGBT profile Kaj Heino's death, autopsy has now shown that there is no indication of any crime.
One of Gothenburg's most well-known LGBTQ rights campaigner, Kaj Heino, died Tuesday night after being found seriously injured in an apartment in Stockholm.
The number of reported hate crime on the basis of sexual orientation and / or gender identity has increased from 25 cases in 2014 to 33 cases in 2015, according to the Oslo police in a new report.
Alexander Bengtsson (Moderate Party) which is openly gay Swedish politician have been cut in the stomach in his home. He has been exposed to a number of events in the past and we suspect that this is a hate crime, said police spokesperson Christer Nordström.
The 17 year old young man who stood accused of, among other things, murder and hate crime against a 54 year old man in Gothenburg, Sweden, received his sentence last Wednesday.
A female vicar priest (27) in Sarpsborg, Norway was recently punched in the face. The reason must be that she is married to a woman.
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