Non-Binary transgender persons, ie persons who do not define themselves as one of the gender categories of male or female, feel worse than other transgender people in this study.
Sweden is the country where transgender are feeling the worst, compared with four other European countries, according to a new report from Transgender Europe, to which RFSL has been part of creating.
People living with HIV are treated differently in health care shows a mapping of HIV-Sverige, RFSL and RFSU.
This week the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) presented a registry study that shows the increase in mental illness, and risk use among people in same-sex marriage compared to people in different-sex marriages.
According to the Infectious Diseases Act, persons living with HIV be served Conduct. Such a rule of conduct include the so-called information secrecy. RFSL and HIV Sweden now calling on people living with HIV to seek review of their conduct.
It was correct that a lesbian woman in Linköping had to pay a higher fee than a heterosexual when being inseminated.
Swedish Crown Princess Victoria made headlines Tuesday after handing out the country's "Gay of the Year" award to an author whose writings about the 1980s AIDS crisis has gripped the nation.
Sweden will no longer require sex change patients to be sterilised after a law banning the practice entered into force on Thursday.
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