Norwegian-American's compete to have a chance to meet Norwegian relatives they didn’t even knew existed.
Nordic Canal Digital has just released a new commercial 'Canal Digital feirer kjærlighet" / "Canal Digital celebrates love" to take advantage of the LGBTQ community.
A Norwegian family recently complained to The Travel Complaint Handling Body in Norway, after arriving at a hotel in Gran Canaria in their opinion, was a hotel for gays.
One of the men, online news site, DinAvis.no has talked to, claims that the same customs officer who body-searched him naked had tried to pick him up at a gay venue soon after the incident.
In Norway Emma Ellingsen (15) are known from the TV2 Norway series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and now she has published her first English Youtube video in English.
Norway is the second best country for gays in the world. Nevertheless, Norway imprison and deport half of homosexual asylum seekers to countries where they are killed claims Skeiv Verden.
The former head of the Norwegian police emergency squad, Torleiv Vika, in Oslo, Norway, apologise for how the police treated gays.
That's a bit of what I'll hear about myself. But nothing is so stupid than penis images from men who will change my sexual orientation writes Somalian Norwegian Amal Aden in Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.
Police have received many messages about the note that have appeared in several mailboxes in Volda, Norway, during Easter.
But significantly children of non-Western immigrants are more positive towards gays than their parents.
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