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Norway is the second best country for gays in the world. Nevertheless, Norway imprison and deport half of homosexual asylum seekers to countries where they are killed claims Skeiv Verden.
That's a bit of what I'll hear about myself. But nothing is so stupid than penis images from men who will change my sexual orientation writes Somalian Norwegian Amal Aden in Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.
Police have received many messages about the note that have appeared in several mailboxes in Volda, Norway, during Easter.
Ugandan asylum seeker attempting to prove that he is gay, but the Norwegian police wants to send him back to Uganda before the verdict in the court case has been served.
Last Thursday Norway celebrated the victory by then DNF-48, but still lives LGBT people in 80 countries as criminals, says FRI leader Ingvild Endestad.
The most important thing we can do is never to compromise on the fundamental values ​​in the face of religious beliefs here in Norway.
This summer the city of Oslo is the host of EuroPride 2014. In occasion EuroPride, the town also hosts a human rights conference called “Human Rights - From Vision to Action, Making Rights a Reality”, which will be held in Oslos City Hall on Thursday June 26st and Friday June 27th.
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