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In Norway Emma Ellingsen (15) are known from the TV2 Norway series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and now she has published her first English Youtube video in English.
Back in 2014, Norwegian TV2 aired a series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and 2 years has gone since then and now in Season 2 they are going back to see how the participants are doing now.
Norwegian Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet) program committee are considering introducing a third gender.
A total of 190 people have applied to change their legal gender in Norway in the month since a new law came into force allowing them to do so without gender reassignment surgery.
Today is a turning point in the advocacy work of Norway’s trans activists – 6 June marks the final parliamentary vote on long-awaited updates to the legal gender recognition process. Now, trans people in Norway aged 16 and older will have their gender legally recognised without having to be sterilised first.
The Norwegian Government will make it possible to change gender without having a specific diagnosis and without medical treatment. Amnesty says the law puts an end to a dark chapter in Norwegian history.
The Norwegian society's view of sex and gender roles have changed a lot since the world's first person changed sex in the 1930s. How people are allowed to change legal gender however, has been almost unchanged.
Norwegian television series «Born in the wrong body»/«Født i feil kropp» by TV2 Norway changed transgender Mats (10) life.
Transgender people in Norway should be allowed to change their legal gender without having to undergo mandatory genital removal surgery and sterilisation, a group of experts said on Friday.
Norwegian Football Association (NFF) has refused Nelly Larsen (15) to play football matches for the girls team, because she was born a boy. Now she finally can play.
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