But significantly children of non-Western immigrants are more positive towards gays than their parents.
One of this weeks bravest people are Norwegian Omar Akhtar (18), he came out as gay in a response to Orlando massacre.
He confesses to all 135 virtual rapes. Now the 20 year old man was in the Nedre Romerike District Court in Norway sentenced to 9 years in prison for 135 virtual rapes.
The Committee believes 15-year-old has failed to follow school well enough to join themed trip to Poland. This is exclusion and bullying, says his parents.
A 45-year-old man is in Sør-Trøndelag District Court sentenced to three years and five months for sexual intercourse with two minors boys he met through the internet.
We have received a lot of feedback from students who say that they think these classes are difficult, says councilor.

Are you sure he is not ?!

Ever since I was a little kid it has hosted excitement for many to follow me what I do, especially how I behave since I'm a boy, I'm so feminine! It should of course not a boy be....
The word «homo» is actually one of the most common insults in primary and secondary schools in Tromsø.
In an ask column at guttogjente.no get insecure adolescents the answer that homosexuality is wrong and that masturbation is a form of drug.
Gay youth in Southern Norway struggling to come out, says Skeiv Ungdom.
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