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LGBT Denmark honours this year's Norwegian youth series SKAM for bringing a nuanced image of being homosexual on the TV screen.
Copenhagen has got the world's first permanent rainbow flag, right next to the City Hall in the Danish capital.
Today is Denmark's Birthday and we can thank King Frederick VII that signed the constitution of Denmark June 5th 1849.
The rainbow flag comes to Aalborg when Aalborg Pride held for the first time on 20 June. More than 1000 have already announced their participation.
Now Aarhus Pride rejoice even more when Aarhus Municipality has granted 10,000 kr. More to the city's successful Pride.
This year's official Pride magazine, which Homotropolis again this year has made ​​in collaboration with Copenhagen Pride, are out and can be picked up at Copenhagen LGBT places right now.
Copenhagen Pride 2014 occupies the capital of from Wednesday, 27 August to Sunday 31 August and the stage is set for another record-breaking festival in a rainbow of colors.
A summer without a good bonfire is not a good summer. As per tradition, there are many St. Hans bonfires can be found around Denmark.
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