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Non-Binary transgender persons, ie persons who do not define themselves as one of the gender categories of male or female, feel worse than other transgender people in this study.
Sweden is the country where transgender are feeling the worst, compared with four other European countries, according to a new report from Transgender Europe, to which RFSL has been part of creating.
Swedish Public Health Minister Gabriel Wikström told Dagens Nyheter that the government will soon present a proposal to the Trans people that was forced to sterilisation until 2013 to get compensation from the state.
Transgender people will no longer be labeled as ‘mentally ill’ in Sweden, in a move campaigners said was ‘long overdue’.
Tuesday last week Suma was attacked when she was sitting and waiting for the subway on the way home from RFSL meeting (Swedens LGBTQ organisation).
The legal representative RFSL cooperates, lawyer Kerstin Burman, has won a court case against the Tax Agency (Skatteverket). This time in a case with a man by the Tax registered as "divorced partner, instead of" divorced ", which among other things revealed the man's change of legal gender.
Today, on 27 April, the Swedish Public Health Gabriel Wikström (S) that the government decided to initiate a new law that will allow financial compensation to the persons force sterilised result of previous claims in the transgender act. 
He says he's just an ordinary Svensson-transgender guy. Lee lives outside Malmö in a small community with his girlfriend and the dog.
There will be no damages to the Swedes on sex-change law (könstillhörighetslagen) for forced sterilisation.
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