Nurses must know the history of the elderly lesbians and gays, says Kim Friele.

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Some go into the closet again when they end up in an institution, because they can not bear several rounds of “have you been married? No. Why not? “Says Kim Friele.

There has never been an option for either Friele or her girlfriend and registered partner, Wenche Lowzow. But they belong to a courageous minority among their generation of lesbians and gays.

When LLH (National Association for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people) had a survey in 2006 among a small number of elderly members, many answered that they were afraid of being made invisible in nursing homes, irritated that the various social arenas for the elderly are often heterosexual oriented and worried about their own funeral. They were overall afraid to experience a sad ending of life. Some considered going into the closet again if they were going to an institution, for fear of prejudice among staff and co-tenants.

Can it really be true? In 2014?


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