By doing a cover of Adele's Love In The Dark, Bryan Hawn wanted to draw awareness to the drag/transgender community.

Bryan Hawn and Lexi

Bryan writes there is so many incredibly talented and beautiful people he have met over the years including Lexi who he are honoured to have sung this duet with. Hawn are on a mission and I love it.

He want’s to show the world just how wonderful you are.

“To anyone out there that feels that can’t be themselves and wants to hide from the world, you have a whole community of people that won’t just love you in the dark, but will celebrate your uniqueness and share your beauty” – Hawn writes beautifully.

I think, I’ve never seen Bryan Hawn so vulnerable and so real – he should know, he has never been hotter than in this video, please marry me now…. did I just say that out loud ?

Please listen to the beautiful version of Adele’s Love In The Dark – sung by Bryan Hawn and Lexi Siren.

Bryan Hawn – Love In The Dark ft. Lexi

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