Two entrepreneurs from Gothenburg will be among 100-plus contestants vying for the top spot at RAHM – The Global LGBT+ Leadership Contest – in Berlin on July 26.

LGBTQ Flag - Rainbow Flag

RAHM, a German word, means «crème». Through this event, the contest’s organisers are looking to identify the crème de la crème of leaders in the LGBTQ+ community.

On July 26, Daniel Nilsson and Noel Braganza will join other entrepreneurs, promising young students and top executives in a day-long interactive event that will present them with challenges designed specifically to develop and test their leadership skills.

Each candidate will be assessed through a crowd-ranking process that everyone participates in, including contestants, observers and the top executive jury. The top 10 shortlisted candidates will then take part in a group interview with the jury, after which the finalist will be chosen, again through a crowd-ranking process.

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